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Young Adult Men’s Counseling Transitional Living Program

Transformative Mental Health Services
& Trade Training at a Ranch

Beartooth Men's Rehab drug treatment program

We’re not like other counseling programs. Beartooth’s mental health services are a special experience designed to connect young men with nature and teach them the values of Christianity and the American West. True healing should focus on helping young men physically, mentally, and spiritually. To make this happen, we use different activities to improve their bodies, minds, and spirits. Daily things like Morning Prayer, reading Scripture, Christian virtue lessons and ranch work help young men be excellent, practice self-discipline, be honest, and take responsibility.

Our natural setting, surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Wyoming, is perfect for creating a peaceful and understanding environment. It helps young men see the effects of God’s creation all around them. On our working cattle ranch, young men get to try equine therapy and continue recovering from various life challenges in a special and empowering way. Many guys experience things for the first time that help them focus on why they’re here. It’s a chance for them to picture the kind of men they want to be.

Work It Out Therapies

Equine: Through bonding, overcoming frustrations, and “getting back on the horse” when they inevitably fall off, our students learn how to build lifelong relationships that involve clear communication, patience, and understanding.

Cognitive Behavioral: The therapist and mentors in our program use cognitive behavioral therapy to help individuals realize their negative thought patterns that lead to their dangerous behaviors.

Reality: Young men experience the natural consequences of choices and behavior while working on the ranch with others.

Experiential: Through our nature and relationship-based forms of therapy, they’re encouraged to express themselves, identify their triggers, and gain a greater understanding of who they are.

Family: Residents participate in relationship counseling, how to heal, how to communicate better, and a once-a-month family counseling phone call with residents & family members led by our Director, Thomas George.

Life-Change on the Range Activities

June 30-October 15: Beartooth Men’s Counseling young men participate in Old Cowboy Life, Cow Camp, and a historic Cattle Drive down Beartooth Mountain after a summer of feeding and growing the herd on range lands.

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